Updated 5/30/2020

Dear South Grove Church,

Trusting God, we are moving forward with resuming in-person services on Sunday morning. Here we outline some best practices as a precautionary measure to help our church and community:

Services and Small Groups

  1. We will be resuming in-person Sunday services starting June 7th. Small Groups will meet either in-person or online (via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) based on what the group leader believes is best for their group.

  2. We will be live-streaming the Sunday service at 10am on Sunday mornings. We will also post a recording of the Sunday service on our website for anyone unable to watch at 10am.

  3. We will not be having any Kids Church program on Sunday mornings. We will continue to update our website with weekly curriculum so that parents can go over it with their children.

Personal Wellness

  1. Everyone attending the Sunday service is REQUIRED to wear a face covering as you enter the Classic Center.

  2. Please hold to best health practices, including regular hand washing, covering your face when coughing/sneezing (with a tissue or elbow), and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

  3. If you are sick – experiencing fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms, please stay home and refrain from gathering with the church or your small group until recovered. We encourage you to reach out to your small group, so that they may pray for you.

  4. If you are at higher risk due to age, various health conditions, or other personal or professional circumstances, we encourage you to use wisdom. If you feel safer staying at home, we encourage you to do so. If you need assistance, we encourage you to reach out to your small group leader.


  1. Almost all of the ongoing expenses for South Grove Church will continue. If South Grove Church is your church home, please be faithful and consistent in your tithes and offerings so that we are able to continue in the things Jesus has asked of us and, when this disruption is over, we are still able to move forward effectively. 

  2. We will have a basket near the sound booth on Sunday morning for you tor bring any tithes and offerings. Also you can continue giving your tithes and offerings by using your own bank’s Online Bill Pay option or via our website

Caring For Each Other

  1. It is an important time to care for and encourage each other! The uncertainty puts all of us a little bit on edge, but we have great reason to trust Jesus and go forward with confidence. Praying together, talking on FaceTime, and texting are all ways for us to stay connected and give each other courage.

  2. When friends from your small group are sick, figure out how to help them. Prepare a meal and leave it outside their door. Take them flowers. Buy them toilet paper (if you can find it ;-). Anything to encourage and build up their faith and confidence that Jesus is with them.   


These are the next steps in us gathering together as a church. I know that none of this is ideal, but I believe that it is what God is leading in. Keep praying for our church, our city and our country. God will use all of this for our good and His glory. You can count on it!


We'll keep up to date and inform you of any changes as they come.   


Hope to see you soon. 

South Grove Church Leadership 

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